Facilities provided At De motel 

At Ist we believe in the concept of relaxing. We understand your need for a calm free flowing, efficient space. Our rooms are a seamless blend of modern comfort and traditional luxury that allows you to relax, unwind and de-stress after a hard day at work.

All rooms  are a  design for comfort, moderate and modernity in a motel nitch.The motel suites (rooms) are blends of modernity and it design to gives you a good comfort that you searching for and to delight you in every way. Enjoy your own privacy and every room is created to serve you in different ways.

Features you able to find here are :

- 24 Hours reception

                           - Water Heater

                           - Rooms Are Fully Air-Conditioned

- Internet.  Free! Wifi access at any conner of the building.

- Car Park .
 Car parks are available anytime 

- Praying Set for Muslim 

- CCTV and Alarm for Security

- Televisyen

Available . Each room depending on price is equipped with a TV unit. No Astro

Comfort Package - Add on

- A specially package where you save and get more. Package includes : Single  

  bed, Towel,Blanket,Pilow. (RM 15.00)

- Hair Dryer

   - DVD Player

- Iron box 

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