Kulim is a town in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. It is located on the southeast of Kedah, bordering Penang on the west. Kulim evolved from a small settlement in the 1950's to a successful city which is the focus of many industrial complexes. Kulim is a district consisting of 15 smaller sub-districts also known as "mukim".

In 1996, the Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) was officially opened as the first and fully integrated high technology industrial park in Malaysia. With the development of phase two of the MSC connecting Georgetown, Bertam and KHTP, potentials of development as the science and cyber city would spur on the development of other downstream industries in Kulim.
The Park comprises a total land area of approximately 14.5 square kilometres (5.6 mi²). Many local and foreign companies, such as Intel, Fuji Electric, Infineon, Showa Denko, First Solar, Gazzo Food, Entegris, Celestica and SilTerra have moved to the site since then.[9] It is strategically located nearby North-Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) and Bayan Lepas International Airport. According to the Ninth Malaysia Plan, this economic area is referred to as the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER). The Northern Corridor Economic Region is one of three development regions formed in Peninsular Malaysia, other development regions being the Iskandar Malaysia (or South Johor Economic Region) and the East Coast Development Region.


Tourism Agency  in Kulim:

Main Office
Kulim First Travel & Tour (M) Sdn Bhd

Contact person : Mr Choong

Address               : No 11, lorong Satu,
                             Taman Kemuning,
                             09000 Kulim,Kedah

Tel                      : 04-491 1888
Fax                     :  04 490 0418
Mobile                : 012- 433 7911
Email                  : kulim1st@yahoo.com
Bussiness Hour  : 8 am-11pm


State                     : Kedah Darul Aman

Total area             : Over 9,000 km²

Consist of              : Mainland and Langkawi

Division                 : 12

Mainland               :
*       Balai Nobat
*       Bukit Kayu Hitam
*       Balai Seni Negeri
*       Batu Hampar Waterfall
*       Junjung Waterfall
*       Kota Kuala Kedah
*       Lata Mengkuang Waterfall
*       Lembah Bujang Arkeologi Park
*       Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk
*       Sungai Merbok Recreation Park
*       Seri Perigi Waterfall
*       Ulu Muda Eco Park
*       Ulu Paip Recreational Forest
*       Hutan Paya Laut
*       Ulu Lengong Hot Springs
*       Titi Hayun Waterfall
*       Kulim
*   Gunung Jerai

Parks, Gardens and Natural Environment in Kedah

Junjung Waterfalls Recreation

Located in Junjung and is about 14 kilometres from Kulim Town. Ever since 1980s, this destination has been a great tourist attraction with its main product being the waterfalls and ecosystem surroundings of the forest, rubber plantation as well as fruit orchards. During fruit seasons, especially the durian season, visitors can buy the fruits directly from the orchard owners. The main activities or program to be enjoyed here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping

Mount Bungsu

This is found in the Mount Bungsu Forest Reserves. The height of Mount Bungsu is 658 metres with its peak at Mukim Terap. The scenery from its peak has a panoramic view surrounding it. This is where historical traces are found like the communist fort. For visitors who would like to try heavy activities like mountain climbing and cycling or dirt biking, Mount Bungsu would be a good training field and a challenge apt to their abilities. The meandering flow and rapid falls of the river is enough to attract visitors here all the time


Located in the forest reserves of Mount Bungsu, this is an educational forest that boasts of a myriad of replanted forest plant species and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include educational tours to the research centres and forest replanting, jungle trekking and Pahau camps located 23 kilometres from Kulim Town.

Ulu Paip Recreation  (Sungai Petani)

Located within the Forest Reserves of Mount Bungsu with rapid river and forest ecosystem surroundings. The main activities here include picnicking, dipping, swimming and camping. During the journey to this destination, visitors will also find fruit orchards and former mining ponds on both sides of the road. This destination is 20 kilometres from Kulim Town.
Tree Top Walk
Tree Top Walk is the latest attraction that awaits visitors. The iron bridge, which is better known as the Tree Top Walk above Sungai Sedim was constructed so high up that it almost touches the tree tops across Sungai Sedim. The view from the bridge is simply breathtaking.

Kulim Camp Venue :Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim

Location   :  Reserved Forest Gunung Inas
Distance: 33 km from Kulim Town

Facilities provided:  Information Centre
                               Cottage Break
                               Forest Track (Denai Hutan)
                               Camp Site

Activities :               Jungle Tracking
                               Mount Climbing

Pejabat Hutan Daerah Kedah Selatan (04-4903760)

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