Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tip For Booking a Motel or Hotel Room

Tip For Booking a Motel or Hotel Room

1st  Experience to stay in a motel or hotel?  How you sure you can get a great room as you wish?

Good Plan To Get The Best Room
Waiting for last minute booking was not a good idea to experience a great room. So don not wait till last minute because often motel or hotel, are fully booked especially during school holidays, conference in town or celebrations.

Get a free parking or pay for parking  ?
Sometimes large hotels tack on a parking fee, so don't be caught unaware. If there is a fee for parking, your room will rise it price for that fee. So,you have to bargain with the hotel clerk for free parking. Most motels offer you a free parking lot. So it is your choice either to stay in motel or hotel with free or pay for parking.

Quite or Noisy Place
Ask if there is any construction going on at the motel/ hotel and insist you don't want a room near the commotion. You also always have a good choice to pick a quiet areas motels. Motel usually located either in rural or town areas and less function to create noisy area.

Room Price
Compare rates on motel and hotel sites  Usually motels are much cheaper than hotel room rates.

Payment Method

Call the motel or hotel  to verify the advertised price. If the motel attendant quotes you a higher price than the website, ask him to meet the price. Inquire about discounts. Book your room with a credit card. However some motels prefer accepting by bank-  in method  . Write down the confirmation number or show the bank-in slip to receptionist.
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