Saturday, 27 April 2013


   Malaysia Batik is textile art of Malaysia,especially on the east coast of Malaysia( namely Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang). Leaves and Flower are the most famous motif used in this Batik Arts. There also few human and animal patterns but it is rarely done and depend on demand because Islam norms forbid animal and human images as decoration. Most common theme use in animal is butterflies . Many other geometrical design used in Batik Art. Malaysian Batik are much larger and simpler compare to Indonesian Batik. It seldom use canting  technique to create the patterns. Colour are more lighter and vibrant than Indonesian Batik.

The introduction of 1 Malaysia concept has brought this Batik Industry to higher acceptations. Government is now endorsing Malaysia Batik as a national dress. The government influence plays major influence in order to raise the value of batik to national level. One of government effort in up scaling the batik industry is through influence of hospitality industry by promoting batik to tourists in Malaysia. The use of Batik pattern can be seen through the motels/hotels furniture, also gifts, furnishings and decorations of motels/hotels.

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