Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Make Your Reservation At Least 14 Days In Advance  To Guarantee  Your Accommodation.  

Hostel room was full with rules and regulations. I can't imagine the day i was trap from running away and attend my best friend wedding ceremony.

It was with my friends help i managed to escape with last bus and i quickly find a room at hotel via Google search. I knew it was better to find some hotel or motel reviews before plan to find a room.Since it was not planned well due to obstacles from hostel warden, i  followed my last plan as long as i able to attend the party i thought is was okey.

On the way, I make calls to few hotels  and motel nearby but, however i did not manage to get a room. Hotel rooms were full and just left an expensive room and it is too big for me. Some motel still there but the condition was not okey because it was too crowded.  I decide just to attend the party first later will think on how to get a room.

It was pleasure to be outside with friends, a lot of foods, singing and few of them with their couples. My friend Ruby  was enjoying the party after greeting and welcome me. At 12.00 am the party near to end, i remember gain about my biggest problem, there was no place for me to stay that night. At the end,  I decided to ask my friend who was on his way back to Kulim.  With his help, i reach a motel in Kulim. The motel name was Demotel and I reach there at 12.30 am.

Demotel very simple yet a calm place to stay. My stomach was full and I was sleepy. It was a peace full motel with less noise compare a motel before. There were cars passing by but yet still less noisy, condition of the room that I stayed was okay with air-condition, water heater and I still can get fast food at counter with a cost to pay.

The next morning , I woke up early and  went to counter to ask for any taxi  or bus passes by. I was told by the receptionist that  it only take 10 minutes to go to Kulim Bus Station by car. It was lucky that there is a  bus stand  nearby so I took the bus to go to  bus station Kulim that morning. Whole problem were solve on the way journey to my friend party.  Just waiting for another tornado in the hostel to ruin my mood………
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