Tuesday, 26 November 2013

De Motel Kulim Tips Choosing To Stay or Book Motel Rooms

What really in a guest mind when choosing to stay or book motel rooms?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   How do I check rates and availability for a Demotel room without making a reservation?

    To check rates and availability, you follow the same process you do to make a reservation. That you may call or walk-in or even e-mail us direct for current room prices in Demotel through Facebook Google, Yahoo or else link that available in our website.

2.   Is there a chance to view the rooms directly?

    Yes you may,  but some photos are available at our blog.

3.   Is the motel safe to stay?

Take all of your luggage and valuables to your room.
Never leave money, checks, credit cards, car keys or valuables in the room. Take them with you.
Do not walk alone outside motel at midnight  please bring someone with you  especially if you a lady. Find a good parking area better if it is under light and make sure there is no suspicious individual near your car before you out from your car. Make sure that you lock your car.

4.   Need extra facilities that not provided by Demotel?

For save side, you may call, walk-in or email extra facilities to find out if we provide them currently. If you still choosing Demotel even there is not enough facilities that you need,  try to find out nearby places in internet. We don’t provide any breakfast so you may find an alternative for it.
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