Monday, 2 December 2013



The basic characteristics that helps you to distinguish a motel from any other type of lodging or rest area could simply be detailed as follows.:-

 It is targeted mainly solo travelers, motorists who travel from one city to another, and provides shelter for a night's stay (overnight), unlike in hotels or rest houses.

 It is relatively smaller size maybe a motel rooms located at 1st  or 2nd floor compared to Hotels.

It is also much cheaper than staying at a Hotel, but most of those are as good and convenient as hotel rooms. At Demotel we provide water heater, rooms are fully air conditioned, TVs and internet access.

 Layout for each  Motel is each  room have (outside) separate entrances, which enables the guests to directly reach the parking area, and back to the room. In Hotels however, you would have to go to the rooms passing the lobby, with no direct entry from the parking lot to the rooms. So motels system, simply a time saving for business travelers who rushing for their business.

Motels do not serve food (dinner), but Hotels and Rest Houses do offer it. (But most motels now offer     breakfast but for cheap motel of course they won’t provide them).

 Motels are located near interstate highways (mainly in suburbs), while Hotels  are located within city limits. There are few motels located within a town area such as Demotel.If you choose Demotel, you will have good night sleep as the motel located far from main road even it is located within town.

There are a number of companies that operate motels in large scale, due to the increased demand for such lodging facilities by travelers and vacationers. So, the next time you plan to go on a trip for vacation, stay at a Demotel to feel the difference.

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