Thursday, 28 March 2013


Since a week ago, we working hard on De Motel brand new looks. Why is that this motel really need for few improvements and remodeling?

At first, this motel looks awesome for its  style compare to other motels in Kulim. It is unique for the building structure which constructed with combinations of woods and bricks in modern and accent design. 

Thus to enhance the unique of this motel, the management team decided to overcome few lacks facing by this motel. Services need to be improved in order to provide best service for customers (who are mostly business travellers, holiday trips travellers or for solo travellers ). Renovations process will include interioir looks of bedrooms and exterior of the motel building.

“Make up  for Demotel” Part 1

Walls Of The Rooms

From a normal flat walls of each bedroom, walls are being renovating with an angels which create narrow effect on the wall. This give a good modern design of the motel bedrooms.

“Make up  for Demotel” Part 2

The Lights For Radiant Bedrooms

Light are unique accessories for decoration and luxury element for a exclusive environment. Therefore,  we focus on the light aspects.The most important light one needs in bedroom are bedside lights which beautifully mounted on wall. The lights are delicately placed between walls giving a good light effect for a romantic night.

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