Saturday, 9 March 2013

Experiance in Demotel

My story....

It was cloudy day and as usual I was busy with my work as a receptionist. People check-in and  check-out as usual and that keeping me a busy worker.

At the door entrance, an old lady  walking towards the main door. She was walking with the help of stick.  Her daughter was with her all the while for 2 days. Suddenly on third day, she was left alone. I feel pity for her as she was limping. However,  she enjoyed her  stay having conversation with me at the counter desk. She was in Kulim for traditional treatment as she got stroke a year ago.

Therefore, we decide to help her buy meal or anything that she needs. The old lady seems very happy with us and she enjoyed telling stories about her vacation on her daughter wedding day. After few days later her daughter came back and took her home. It was lucky day for that old lady before we decided to help her to find her daughter or inform a folk home.
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