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Tips How to Choose a Motel

Tips: How to Choose a Motel………

Are you one of those listed here who  to stay in motel?

   Budget-conscious traveler
   Sightseers
   Families
   Businesspeople 
   Traveler in transit
   First time solo travelers

Whoever you are there always good tip for you to review at. Below are few factors for you to concern when you decide your night at motel:-

Motel prices vary drastically from place to place. However, the prices are still affordable. Researching lodging costs for a particular area will help you decide how much to spend on your motel room.

Good Plan
Always consider the distance and travel time to the sights you want to see when you choose a motel. Some destinations may very near or too far from your selected motel. So make your plan to choose the best destination that near to your selected motel. Sometimes you may have problem where the motel at nearest area are fully booked. So in that case, you should concern season for your holiday trips so that you won’t end up paying extra for your room at hotel.

Never put your safety at risk. If you are not sure where the safe areas are, get some guidebooks and read about your destination. You may also search some information about the location of the motel and the destination you have planned.

Motel Reviews and Recommendations

There are several ways to find out about motel quality. Online reviews, such as those at TripAdvisor and Hotels.com, can be very helpful when you’re trying to decide which motel to choose. You may find extremely positive or negative reviews. However, you need to consider all reviews when selecting your motel.

Motel Features

If you can’t get information on motel features from guidebooks or websites, call the motel you’re considering and ask the front desk staff to describe their property.
Motels offer a variety of amenities, including:

-          Parking
-          Bed Room Selection
-          Food and Drinks
-          Wireless Internet
-          Late Arrival
      Many motels offer a late check-in option if you guarantee your reservation with a credit card. Of course, if you don’t show up, the motel will bill you anyway. Late check-in is especially helpful if you are travelling  long distance or in bad weather to get to your motel. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your room will be held all night if necessary.

Futher Informations

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which features matter most. If you have questions, call the motel's front desk and discuss your concerns with the manager.

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