Thursday, 14 March 2013

Motel Safety Tips – At Your Room

Motel Safety Tips –At Your Room
Protecting yourself from dangerous strangers while traveling? How aware are you in protecting your valuables while staying in a motel room? Here are some safety tips to assists you:-
To protect yourself:
-     Keep your door locked at all times. If you are inside the room, press the deadbolt and fasten the security chain.

-      When you leave your motel room, pull the door completely closed behind you. Make sure the door is lock. Take few second before you leave, try to open the door to make sure it is closed and locked properly.

-     Do not open your door to unknown person. Do not trust if someone claiming to be a motel employee if you are not sure. Do call the front desk for confirmation. Leave the security chain engaged while opening the door for further protection.

-      Check all windows and doors in your room every time you enter it and leave it to make sure they are closed and locked.

-     When entering or leaving the hotel after dark, use the main entrance.

-     If you travel often, consider buying a portable alarm system to hang on the doorknob for added protection. These movement-sensitive devices can awaken you if a door lock should happen to fail.
To protect your valuables:
-      Use the locker in the room to store keys, wallets, extra cash and credit cards, jewelry, and other small valuable items you are leaving in the room. If no safe is supplied, check with the front desk. They may have locked storage available for your use.

-      Don't leave cash, travelers checks and expensive electronics and jewelry lying around the room.

-      It is advisable to leave larger expensive or breakable objects at home, if is necessary that you must bring them, place them in the closet and out of the way of the cleaning crew.

-      Practicing few precaution tips above, you can  secure yourself and loved ones from harmful strangers and enjoy your great holiday trip ……

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