Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Bungee Jumping is an activity involves jumping from tall structure while connected to a llarge elastic cord. The  tall structure usually eother a fix object as a building or moveable object suchas helicopter or hot balloon.

The trill comes from the free-falling and the re bounce action.The bouncing stop at a spot where cord will be no more energy to bounce and that leaving you hanging in the air upside down.

Bungee Jumping is still a new extreme sport introduce in Malaysia. Few popular locations to carry out this bungee jumping activity  are  in Alor Setar Tower and Carnivall Water Park in Kedah, Sunway Lagoon,Complex Teruntum (Pahang) and KL Tower. Since Alor Setar within Kedah why not plan more trips around Kedah and you may stay at Demotel before heading to futher North or South of Kedah.


1.    The elastic rope/Cord
The correct Cord Length – The length of the cord usually measured by comparing 
weight of the jumper and the  distance of the fall. Rope that too long is very 
dangerous which will send you into surface.

2.    Ankle and body harnesses, airbag

3.    Head Protection/helmet

4.    Sport Outfits

5.    Sport Shoes


Health Conditions

1.    You are not pregnant.

2.    Normal blood and sugar pressure.

3.    Normal heart rate & rhythm.

4.    Never undergoes any surgery and physically healthy.

Interested ? Please contact:

Carnivall Water Park.

The Carnivall,Persiaran Sungai Petani,

Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Phone: +604-4414777

Bungy Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park,


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