Monday, 8 April 2013

A Special Wedding Gift.

Me and my husband Sam, has been married for 4 years. Throughout my life i felt stricken with grief . I try my best to  meet all his needs and requirements, but  often criticism leveled me. Would he hate me ....... my mind drift away.

Today is our wedding anniversary day .Sharp at 3.00 pm, Sam stood in front of the house. He looked carefree and happy ... what makes him so excited and  joyed again? I was blinking for his unexpected reaction. During the 4 years of marriage, he often forgot  our wedding anniversary date.  So could it be he got promoted for his job?… I guess !(Suddently),

"Ally, will you accept a holiday trip to Langkawi Islands as a gift on our Wedding Annivesary  Day?'' He held my hand to his chest.
I was so happy and  very thankful to god, finally he remember the day and presented a holiday trip in Langkawi and few interesting places in Kedah. I had suggested  trips to Titi Hayun Wastefall, Gunung Jerai and Kota Kuala Kedah for our special day. We stayed in the motel (De Motel ) due the cost per room is relatively cheap before heading to Langkawi Island. That was unforgettable special day for  me.

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