Sunday, 19 May 2013

Celebration Of Mother’s Day At Demotel

12 May always a special day for mums . On 2013, I pick Demotel as a location to celebrate mother’s day. Demotel , a small but with good looks motel located in Kulim. 

The rooms are clean and fully air conditioned. This place was good for my plan for mum’s special day with family. Price was reasonable that i choose this motel as a venue of  Mother’s Day celebration. I ordered a cake and restore it in refrigerator. Few friends at neighbor rooms were invited on that day and they came to celebrate it.

Mum received many presents from family and friends. A wonderful handbag, a scarf, o perfume and many more stuff all just for her. A big kiss from me and family  given to appreciate her. After few hour  the celebration was going well and we got a DVD player from the receptionist for RM 10 that night. We watch a good movie from Thailand before heading to Pulau Rebak Besar in Kedah at 2.00 pm the next day. Before leaving, the receptionist wishes mum a Happy Mother’s Day and that really make her happy to be a mother.
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