Friday, 24 May 2013



“I will tell the incident took place in December 2000, the last day of our family vacation. We stopped in town on his way home after a four-day vacation in Penang. We stayed at a hotel in Sungai Petani After resting. Our three children a son and a brother of mine, went to town to shop and see the sights seen in Sungai Petani. We returned to the hotel around 8:20 at night because the town has been quiet atmosphere. Due to fatigue, when our son was three years old, to sleep in the bosom of my wife. Wife, and our niece chat while watching television interview. Around 11:30 pm, they all sleep, while I read the newspaper. I did not turn off the television.

   At around 12.30am, when I was watching TV, suddenly I heard the bathroom as there are people bathing. Tap water and flushing sound of running water in clearer water. I do not care because they felt that night might be a little hot lead poured neighboring water bath. But the bath water flushing sounds continue to be heard over one hour. I really could not believe it, and began to feel horror. To get rid of fear, I continue to think positively. I also do not dare to check if exactly one in the bathroom.

   I do not wake my wife did not want him to feel fear. Fortunately, he and a small child we did not wake up. The sound of the shower was lost after 15 minutes. I kept reading the scriptures for further distanced from other disorders. Then I tried to sleep but could not sleep that night until the morning. I'm not telling incident I experienced it on my wife and children until a few days after returning to Skudai”.
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