Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Tiring Day But Yet A  Happy Day For Me….

It was  9 . 00 am in the morning. I reach at motel and ready myself for the work.  As normal routine, I will check on rooms and add what is not there. Normally it will be towels for the rooms.

Few online reservations booking were accepted few weeks ago.  Thus today, I am waiting for new guests with happy mood. Actually I felt eager to know who were the guests for room 117,112, and 113 . They seem friendly on telephone conversation  2 days ago.

Waiting till 2.00 pm, a couple entered at the front door with a big smile. Maybe relief after a tiring day of travel from Kelantan to USM Penang. I replied them with a welcome smile. The husband quite friendly and he approached me for their rooms.  I handle them their keys after register their name for room 112.  I guessed they maybe between age 25 to 28 but my guess strayed far as their actual age 30s. They were here for graduation day. I was informed by En Azman  ( the husband) that his trip to Kedah was to fetch and accompany his wife from USM to Kelantan.

At 3.00 pm another family of five members enter at Demotel front door. They seem tired. I give them the best service as a receptionist. As they understood they went inside their rooms. At 5.00 pm all the rooms were fully booked . A full rooms mean a lot of happiness for me. I am not only paid to welcome all the guests to the motel, but also with the numbers of increase visitors to the motel , my effort on sales and marketing were successfully carried out for the day. It was tiring day with lots of customer in Demotel but yet a happy ending day for me as I succeed to give the best service for all of customers on that day. There seems happy and that make me happy too.

However, I feel sorry for who did not get their rooms at last minute booking. What I can say about it “ please do book your room early especially during school holidays”….. 
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