Monday, 3 June 2013

How To Get And Reserve Motel Rooms For Wedding Guests With Demotel

Holding a wedding ceremony ?  Have  you decide how many guest are coming for your wedding day? Where will they stay ? So here are few steps to help you find rooms for your guest:-

  1.  Decide how many rooms you will need for  your wedding guests . You may count it based on total number of guests reply your invitation who need a stay at least a night especially who staying far away from the wedding ceremony site..

  1.  Performing some research on motel prices and locations will help you make a good choice.  Pick  motels that  are clean and near to your wedding site. Some guests may not familiar with new place, so choose a motel at least 10 miles away from wedding site. You may call the motel for details or browse the internet for special rates from motel website or ask residents near to your wedding site. They may know and give good suggestions for you.

  1. Book rows of motel  rooms  . By booking row or block of motel rooms, you will get discount on them.

  1. Look for hidden charges and discount. Booking via online may charge your credit card  as  an additional fees in small amount. Normally motel will ask your payment made via bank – in. Ask about cancellation and reservation fees and choose the motels that will offer you  the best deal.

  1. Start reserving motel rooms. Reserve a room at least  2  months for motels if you booking block of rooms  in advance. This will guarantee that rooms will be available in the area for your wedding guests.

  1. You  will need to inform your guests of the motels.  Inform them of the price and advance payment you have made this to let them know you have covered the cost of the motel rooms. Give the guests hotel cards, brochures or any pamphlets  to inform  them about the motels when they check – in later.

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