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Motel & Attraction Near Bukit Mertajam , Penang.

Bukit Mertajam It is commonly known as BM among its locals. Bukit Mertajam located 13 km away  from Kulim and about 20 minutes drive . Distance from Bukit Mertajam to George Town, the capital city of Penang is 29 km away. Bukit Mertajam has the highest population and one of the most developed area in Seberang Perai.

Visiting Penang should start from here . As a visitor it is encourage to stay at DE Motel in  Kulim as  it is easier to travel near Bukit Mertajam for it attractions places. Even there are few hotels within Bukit Mertajam, there are normally fully booked with higher price. I suggest this motel for your trip to Bukit Mertajam.


Bukit Mertajam Town

This is a railway town centered at the three-way intersection of rail connections to Butterworth on the west, Padang Besar at the Thai border to the north and Kuala Lumpur to the south. It is a small-time overland trading hub infamously known as a "smugglers" town, where contraband trade in liquor and duty-free merchandise change hands. Besides the wild-west undertones, its aged railway station gives a feeling of timelessness. Dilapidated shop houses and plantation architecture make up the market center.
My favourite place to visit on Saturday morning. Why I like this market, well you can find and buy everything you want and its much cheaper than other places in Penang. There is a temple to visit, have your breakfast first before you start shopping., then straight to the market.. Get your shopping bag and enough money to spend.. Lets go, follow me to the market.

White Wantan Mee @ Pek Kong Cheng Bukit Mertajam

Pek Kong Cheng is one of the oldest chinese temple built in Bukit Mertajam.. Its a place for worship, before or after you go to wet market nearby.Beside here there is famous restaurant for its nood\les namely White Wantan Mee. So maybe you will find your best food there .

Mengkuang Dam

Mengkuang Dam (Malay: Tasik Mengkuang) is a Dam located less than 28 km to the north-east of Butterworth town. It is the only dam situated in  Penang Mainland and the second dam built in Penang after Ayer Itam dam. It was officially opened by the former Governor, Dr. Tun Awang bin Hassan in 1985.

The park in the dam area is a popular place for recreation. At least 300 visitors of the dam on weekdays and it is estimated more than 1000 visitors on weekends. Visitors enjoy the scenic landscape, jogging and trekking. Angling is prohibited but there is no enforcement. There is a 10 km trekking trail skirting the dam through orchards and rubber plantations. It is opened from 6.00 a.m to 7.30 p.m daily.

Mengkuang Dam is also one of the venues for the annual Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. A lively affair, the festival is a fiesta of colour and noise, in which traditionally-built boats race through the waters of this dam, the boats are cheered on by enthusiastic spectators.
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