Monday, 19 May 2014

How to Make a Motel or Hotel Reservation

Check rates and book a hotel reservation as far in advance of the departure date as possible. Hotels tend to raise rates as availability declines; however, it is possible to get a last minute deal. But in motel the rate usually same.

Use an online travel site to identify motels or hotels in the city you are visiting or near a specific attraction, address or airport or find hotel in certain places and there are lists you may serve. If you conscious of the pricing and going for budget trip then consider a motel accommodation instead.

Determine type of room and bed whether you need a standard room, one-bedroom, two-bedroom or something larger. You may call the motel or hotel contact no for more details.

Identify what amenities you need.
In-room conveniences to consider include high-speed Internet, a refrigerator, a kitchen or kitchenette, and a pull-out sleeper sofa. Some hotels will bring a crib or cot into the room if you need it. Motels do not provide amenities like a hotel. Most will provide basic need only. Search on the motel website for details.

Hotel amenities might include an indoor or outdoor pool, fitness center, business center, restaurants and room service.

Narrow down the list to one or two hotels with the amenities you need.
Compare rates with discounts 

Bringing pets, verify that pets are allowed and whether an additional fee is charged. Most hotel or motel in Malaysia do not allow pets in.

Take into account whether a free breakfast is included, or a happy hour offers free drinks and/or food. A motel normally do not have restaurant or food court. You may search nearby food stall or restaurant.

Find photos and virtual tours available online to get an idea how is the hotel and its rooms look like. Call the hotel to get specific information on cancellation policy, check in and checkout period. Add on packages and etc.

Book the  motel or hotel room online, walk in  or by phone. You will need to give a credit card number if you prefer online booking, but the card will not be charged unless you don't cancel according to the cancellation policy. Or you may book with deposit cash to the motel or hotel 

Print or write down your confirmation number and bring it with you on the trip. This will be effective if you using online booking. If you need motel you were given receipt or given confirmation calls 4 day before check in dates.
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