Wednesday, 19 June 2013

" Hot Demand on  Can Drinks at Demotel "

On my holiday I went for shopping nearby my house searching for few types of can drinks to be refill into refrigerator. Most of my customer will love to have cold can drinks especially Redbull and Coke. These were most famous drinks were sold out every day. So every week, i have to be purchasing them to ensure the stock is ready for them. I still remember of an incident………

 One day, the motel 111 was occupied with a small family and a kid. Any kids as far as I know  will love for chocolate and soy bean drinks. I am happy to buy anything that they need while staying in the motel. Satisfying them not only during my working period but i think on my holiday too.

But this small girl Anna, was 5 years old and really insisted to have a chocolate drinks even it was taken away by another kid. That was last stock left in the refrigerator. Her mother have no words to say of her behavior .  She ran outside just because didn’t get what she was wanted for.  Seeing her insisted on it, i went and buy 3 dozens of the chocolate drinks. Thinking perhaps she might ask more and more. She was very happy with dozens of chocolate drink that i bought.  Her mother have to buy 4 can of chocolate drinks just to make Anna listen to her words. Anna really make me remember of myself when i was small kid… But I think she really obsessed and love chocolate drinks very much.

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