Wednesday, 3 July 2013



Ramadan in 2013 will start on Tuesday, the 9th of July and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, the 7th of August.
Based on sight ability in North America, in 2013 Ramadan will start in North America a day later - on Wednesday, the 10th of July. Note that in the Muslim calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Monday, the 8th of July.

Plan Ahead

Like any other holiday, holiday and travelling during  Ramadan affects business as usual. Many venues and services operate with limited hours and staff, so try to book accommodation, transport and tours via internet or phone before you arrive. Even they inform by posting their office hour for public, i suggest that call ahead to ensure someone’s available to meet your needs.

Restaurant Alive During Night!

Malaysia is a unique nation so for Ramadan celebration, most restaurants close by day, so pack lunches or reserve ahead at restaurants that open for lunch in tourist areas. However, in Malaysia  business hour for Muslim’s  restaurants will operate  at if tar  until before dawn ( sahur hour).For other Non-Muslim restaurants they will operate as usual. So you need to plan for lunch breakfast during this fasting month.

If you a Muslim travelers , you are given exemption to fast during Ramadan. According to Islam Law, even Muslim travelers are exempt from fasting however to show your support, avoid eating or drinking on the street in front of people who are probably fasting, and grant people privacy at prayer times.

Special Function In Motel or Hotel During Ramadan (Ramadan Promotion)

Maybe some of your staff appreciate if you give them a holiday during this Ramadan, So book a stay at  De motel as it is cheaper for short travel and give them best food from great restaurants which offer Ramadan Special meal.

Bazaar Ramadan

Bazaar Ramadan are special "outlet"  where most foods are being selling during Fasting Month in Malaysia . Here you can find any food that not usually get during normal day. Perhaps, people are too hungry and desire for plenty of foods and beverages! So as a foreign traveler you must not miss this moment to find any kind of food in Malaysia especially the traditional foods in every states in Malaysia.
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