Monday, 17 June 2013

New  Initiative To Enhance The  Island Attraction Through  Light Show And Music Effects.

Kedah  especially Langkawi Island will soon  have new world class appearance and attraction. Pekan Artisan Sdn Bhd is  a developer of tourism and resort will be investing in "Lighting Project"  for developing Langkawi Island as to enhance the attraction of the beaches with sparkling and glittering effects along the beach. 

PEKAN Artisan Sdn Bhd holding talks with the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada) to embark on an interactive light and music show on the island. The new attraction will enable Langkawi to have its own world light festival, similar to those in Sydney and Amsterdam.

 The light and music initiative, to be known as Pencahayaan Langkawi  ("Lighting Project), comprises static lighting to light up dark places at certain places on the island at night, including along the beaches, historical monuments and interesting buildings like the Galeria Perdana. It will create a lively and bright atmosphere in Langkawi.

The project using green technology to save energy usage. LED light is expected to be use in order to lighten up  spotted places in Langkawi.The main objectives were make the night alive with activities in food bussiness. Futhermore to provide night activities for tourist to enjoy and relax at night.

The project is expected to be complete at 1st stage before Asean Summit  in 2015 to attract more visitors to Malaysia. With upcoming project , hopefully more tourists to visit Langkawi years to come.
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